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Japan Best Three Great Limestone Caves"Ryusendo Cave”

1 to 2 minutes by car to Japan Best Three Great Limestone Caves, Ryusendo Cave

There is also a promenade from our hotel to Ryusendo Cave.
You can enjoy forest bathing while walking along the Shizugawa River.

Tourist attractions

Jodogahama Beach, Kitayamazaki, Hayasaka Kogen, Kosode Beach, etc. are nearby, making it very convenient for sightseeing.
  • Japan Best Three Great Limestone Caves"Ryusendo Cave”

    • 10 minutes on foot from the hotel(Please use the promenade)

      Ryusendo Cave

      Ryusendo Cave is counted as one of Japan Best Three Great Limestone Caves and is designated as a national natural monument.
      The fresh water that springs up from the depths forms deep underground lakes in several places.
      Among them, the 3rd underground lake has a water depth of 98m, and the 4th underground lake (not open to the public) has a depth of 120m, which is the best in Japan.
      It boasts one of the highest levels of transparency in the world.
  • Kumanohana Observatory

    • Komoto Kumanohana Observatory

      Kumanohana Observatory

      Kumanohana is a peninsula with thick red pine trees jutting out to the south of Omoto Beach.
      "Kuma-no-hana" is named because the shape of the cape resembles a bear's nose.
      One of Sanriku Fukko National Park's best viewpoints.
      The blue sea and old pine trees create a unique beauty across the ria coastline.
      The Omoto Tatsuko Rock, which protrudes into a triangular shape, is also a highlight of Omoto Beach.
  • Jodogahama Beach

  • Kitayamazaki