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We offer dishes made with seasonal ingredients.

ingredients of passion

Our dishes are made with seasonal ingredients and a passion for local production.


The chief chef prepares the ingredients from the sea of Sanriku and the mountains and villages of Iwaizumi wholeheartedly.

Great hall/dining/Small banquet hall
【Hours Available】
<Dinner> 18:00 to 21:00(Final start from 20:00)
<Breakfast> 6:30 to 9:00(Final start from 8:30)
  • Matsutake Mushroom Set

    Iwaizumi is one of the leading matsutake mushroom production areas in Japan.
    Enjoy the rich aroma, texture, and deep flavor of local matsutake mushrooms.
    • menu

      Matsutake Mushroom Set

      Please enjoy matsutake mushrooms such as kettle rice, steamed matsutake mushrooms, matsutake tempura, and matsutake soba noodles.
      Period available:
      Fall only
  • Seasonal dishes - standard plan

    You can enjoy the chief chef's omakase Shokado set meal.
    • menu

      Iwaizumi Wagyu Beef

      Enjoy Iwaizumi Wagyu beef with stone-grilled steak
  • Japanese set meal business plan

    Simple meals for those coming for work
  • Breakfast

    We offer a nutritionally balanced menu.
    There is also a salad corner.
    You can enjoy world-class Iwaizumi Yogurt and Iwaizumi Milk as much as you like.
    Freshly ground coffee brewed with Ryusendo Cave water is also popular.