【Official】Ryusendo Onsen Hotel

An inn right next to Ryusendo Cave, one of Japan Best Three Great Limestone Caves

A quiet hotel surrounded by vast nature at the foot of Mount Urora.
Nature nurtured by the water flowing out of Ryusendo Cave.
Relax and unwind in nature while listening to the murmuring of the Shimizu River.
The promenade to Ryusendo Cave is also popular.

The closest accommodation to Ryusendo Cave

  • Conveniently located 700 meters from Japan Best Three Great Limestone Caves, Ryusendo Cave

    The blue world that spreads deep inside Ryusendo Cave
    Ryusendo Cave is considered to be one of Japan Best Three Great Limestone Caves, and along with the bats that live inside the cave,
    It has been designated as a national natural monument.

    The total length of the cave is known to be 4,088m, of which 700m is open to the public.
    Eight underground lakes have been discovered, three of which are open to the public.
    The investigation is still ongoing and there are still many unknown parts, and the total length is over 5,000m.
    It is said that it is.

    Stalactites that look like works of art created over eternity.

    A stunningly blue underground lake with some of the clearest water in the world.

    Once you see Ryusendo Cave, you will experience an unforgettable impression.


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Hotel Name

Ryusendo Onsen Hotel


48 Fugane, Iwaizumi, Iwaizumi Town, Shimohei County, Iwate Prefecture

Telephone number



131 minutes from Morioka Station and get off Ryusendo-mae JR Bus stop → 1 minute walk

Shuttle service available(conditions)
Please use the townspeople bus from Omoto Station.
We will pick you up at the nearest station, "Iwaizumi Chugakko-mae".
Customers coming from Moichi will be picked up at Iwaizumi Hospital.

Please contact us in advance.
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Inside this facility/facilities

  • karaoke room

    1 group 1 hour 2,200 yen
  • Lobby

    The lobby has a newspaper corner and a pamphlet corner.
  • In-hotel shop

    Iwaizumi Yogurt, wine stored in Ryusendo Cave, etc.
    We have a variety of items available.

    We also accept delivery by courier service.
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If you have any questions, please contact us.